GoldenHome North American Strategy

Xiamen GoldenHome Co LTD was found in 1999, and positioned itself as “more professional high-end kitchen cabinet”. For 18 years, GoldenHome has been focusing on kitchen cabinet industry to update the standard of professional kitchen cabinet in China. With its 9 major professional advantages and 10 years quality assurance, GoldenHome managed to become “the preferred kitchen cabinet brand of top 500 Chinese real estate companies” for 5 consecutive years. From China, to USA, Dubai, more and more families are using GoldenHome Cabinets.

GoldenHome Cabinetry owns about one thousand high-end brand monopolized stores all over the world. To ensure its high quality standard of kitchen cabinets, GoldenHome has set up R&D center in Italy. In China, GoldenHome owns a national level “kitchen industrial design center”, and it has also been seeking for environmentally friendly and high-quality materials around the world. State-of-the-art automatically controlled German HOMAG equipment is introduced for precise manufacturing. GoldenHome owns 300-acre manufacturing base in Xiamen and 230-acre base in Siyang, Jiangsu. These two big manufacturing bases have nearly 300 thousand square meter plant and facilities.


When it comes to the oversea market, GoldenHome has been exporting its own products using GoldenHome brand to America, the Middle East (Dubai), Australia and other developed regions. Therefore, tens of thousands of families have been cooking food for their loved ones in a comfortable kitchen environment made possible by GoldenHome.

The main board listing of GoldenHome’s Share will act as a facilitator for its sustainable development. Specially speaking, the listing and financing of GoldenHome will enable it to keep expanding production capacity, optimize production structure, improve productivity, enhance quality and promote service level. Therefore, GoldenHome has embarked on the brand new journey of pioneering the kitchen cabinet industry into the future!

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